André Kirbach Düsseldorf
Our gallery is primarily focused on Japanese Art, including old and modern ceramics, calligraphies and lacquer art, as well as European abstract paintings and sculptures post 1945. A copulative bind forms, beside the philosophical and aesthetic approaches of Zen buddhism, the notion of Wabi Sabi deeply rooted in Japanese culture, which steers its glance on the seemingly harsh beauty of silence, simplicity and transience.
We work together with international artists like Abraham David Christian, show famous and gladly also less prominent but compelling art positions of the post-war period from Hede Bühl through Jupp Lückeroth to Herbert Zangs and incorporate these in theme based exhibitions. Our special passion is directed toward the great traditional Japanese master potters of the 20th century like Fujiwara Kei, Tsuji Seimei, Miwa Kyûsetsu and Ueda Naokata.